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News & Announcements

Accede Fire and Safety is happy to announce the addition of ESU (Emergency Shower Units) to its fleet. These shower units will keep your safety operations worry free knowing your employees are protected on-site.

black, white and red open emergency shower rental unit prepped for rent near edmonton alberta



Wizard Valve a divison on Accede Energy Services is pleased to announce the purchase of new state of the art valve testing equipment.

Wizard Valve, Edson is now capable of testing in-line PSV valves with an AVK “lift assist” machine. The AVK is an electrohydraulic computerized testing unit that when connected to the valve records the pressure at which the valve lifts. The AVK connects to the stem of the safety valve and measures the vertical forces exerted by the spring and load train of the valve. These tests are preformed while your system is under pressure, therefore no loss of production due to removing safety relief valves. The documentation provided will satisfy ASME & Insurance inspectors.

silver PSV Valves which offer an AVK lift assist machine located in edson alberta near edmonton  new PSV valve repair, testing, inspecting equipment located in edson alberta near edmonton


Accede is proud to sponsor the Sylvan Lake  24hr Pond Hockey Tournament

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The Pembina Dirt Riders Association recognizes Accede personnel for their help in supporting the 24hr Numb Bum Ice Race

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Accede Energy Services Ltd. recently held its Christmas party. This year, employees suggested that instead of an open bar Accede should consider a cash bar with the proceeds going to a non-profit organization. Management at Accede agreed wholeheartedly and decided that whatever was raised from the cash bar, Accede would match with proceeds going to the Red Deer Youth and Volunteer Centre (YVC). YVC operates a youth shelter, the Boys and Girls Clubs, and Big Brothers Big Sisters programs.

In addition to the funds raised from drink tickets, Gord Fritz, CEO of Accede, made the comment if enough money was raised, he would ride a mechanical shark (like a bull, but with teeth). The Accede group rose to the occasion and was able to raise another $1,150 – forcing Mr. Fritz, suit and all, to ride the shark. Although his shark riding was much to be desired, Gord was thrilled with the amount of money raised for the YVC, stating, “Accede truly believes that the Youth are our future and by investing in youth today, we help to brighten the future.”

Altogether, Accede employees raised $5,180 in the evening to be presented to the Youth and Volunteer Centre.