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On behalf of my Tommy Guns Winter Classic committee, I would like to thank you  and your team for the generous donation. We have put this tournament on for the last 7 years and without community minded partners like Accede Energy, we could not achieve this once in a lifetime experience for our athletes. Our goal since day 1 has been to make sure we keep our 15/16/17 year old  hockey players active and still playing the game. We have created Outdoor tournament that emulates the NHL Winter Classic and our Midget age players continue to play, when other cities are challenged to ensure enrolment in these challenging years.


Al Sim

Accede Energy services announces that we have expanded our valve division operations and have changed the name to reflect our expanded product offering.

Effective June 1, 2016 - Wizard Valve Services Ltd. become Access Valve Ltd.

In addition to our existing valve services, the Access Valve Ltd. group we will now be able to offer valve automation & actuation services based out of our Calmar location.

Our new automation line will enhance our combined valve product and our service line to the end-user.


Dear Sir / Madam,

On behalf of the Staff & Organizers of the Central Alberta Tracks Memorial Toy Run 2016 we would like to offer our sincere appreciation and thanks for your generous donation this year. With the economic down turn it has been a difficult year to try to raise funds but the simple truth is more children and families need help this year than ever before in our history.

Your donation of a communication tower greatly assisted us during the preparation for our event and then added to the safety and comfort of all of our guests during the weekend. Our site, at the end of Lacombe Lake, is in quite a communication dead zone. Your very capable crew was able to take us from very patchy reception or no reception at all to a steady 4 bars over the entire site. Thankfully we had no issues but in the event of an emergency it is imperative that we are able to contact emergency services immediately and your company provided us with that ability.

Yours truly,

Dave “Moon” Mundy

Darcy Russell

Accede Donates Equipment to Help Out Fire Victims

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