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Accede is your key to Success

Accede Energy Services Ltd. was formed in December of 2010 by Gord Fritz, Kris Fleckenstein, and Jim Todd. Accede is an employee owned and operated organization that acquires companies offering synergistic capabilities to one another.

Who We Are

Accede aims to acquire companies offering a variety of services in different geographic areas. The strategy behind this objective is to expand the organization organically into new areas with existing services to broaden the client base, as well as offering newly acquired services to the existing client base.

By retaining key individuals through allocating employee shares, Accede partners maintain a devoted interest in the company. Acquisitions that offer customer lists, new services, and new geographic areas add great value to the acquiring firm. Accede believes that the strategy of an employee owned and operated business will allow for significant growth both internally and through further acquisitions.

Our Vision

To be the preeminent energy services provider in North America.

Our Mission

By providing a portfolio of energy services to meet the needs of the clients, Accede offers value to all stakeholders: to shareholders, a return on investment through dividends; to employees, a vested career through employee ownership; to suppliers, a commitment of fair practices; to clients, a fleet of services and excellence of work performed; and to the communities in which Accede operates, economic and social benefits.

Our Objectives

  • Increase profits beyond the scope of individual portfolio companies.
  • Increase dividends to the shareholders by maximizing synergies amongst portfolio companies.
  • Organically grow into new neighboring geographic areas in which Accede already operates.
  • Organically grow complimentary product and service lines compatible with existing Accede divisions.
  • Through acquisition, gain in geographical scope.
  • Through acquisition, gain in product and services scope.

Company Structure

Accede is professionally run by a qualified shareholder management team and advised by industry leaders at its board level. Corporate governance is near that of a publicly traded company to ensure the highest level of integrity and return to the shareholders. The Board of Directors is elected to a one year term and consists of management and non-employee shareholders (independents). The shareholder base is very diverse with no one party owning or controlling more than twenty five percent of the issued shares of the company.

Our History

  • Valves
  • Valves
  • Valves
  • Portable Power
  • Swamp Matting
  • Wizard Valve Services
  • Accede Fire & Safety
  • Medical Rig Response
  • Jet Rentals
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